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Thanks, South Central, for celebrating diversity, for uniting us instead of dividing us.
Up now on The Daily Beast, a travel story about my trip north of the Arctic Circle this January, to see things before they change.  
Mar 23 Arizona Immigration-Law Backer Woos Mexico
Many American Hispanics and Mexicans in Mexico see Arizona as a racist state, thanks to SB 1070.
Mar 18 Pew: Crossing border illegally more than once drives uptick in federal immigration crime
In 1992, 12 percent of sentenced federal offenders were unauthorized immigrants, the Pew Center reports today. Ten years later, 48 percent of sentenced federal offenders were unauthorized immigrants. The reason for the uptick:  more unauthorized immigrants who were caught crossing the border more than once have been sentenced to hard time – two years on […]
Dec 06 Luis Gutierrez, Immigration Reform and the Demographic Tsunami
Rep. Luis Gutierrez on 2014 immigration reform: “It will not be perfect, and it may not even be pretty.”
Nov 22 Shattered Dreams: Jan Brewer’s Arizona fails to investigate 6000 cases of child abuse
I’m not saying Juana could have prevented the massive CPS negligence, but with her education, heart and work ethic, she would have improved the culture at CPS, and would have helped the fragile, abused children who crossed her path.
Obama, Carmona up in Arizona, poll reports on changing demography
Obama, Carmona up in Arizona, poll reports on changing demography

Two years ago, National Journal writer/editor Ron Brownstein wrote a very smart piece explaining America’s changing demography. It details the the “generational mismatch” between two clashing electorates — old white people and young brown people. In a battle over scant resources, the young people naturally want good schools and solid infrastructure. (I’m with the kids, by the way.)  Old white people want their Medicare and Social Security.  And they don’t necessarily want to spend money on the young.

We all see the generational mismatch in the 2012 presidential election — Barack Obama represents the young brown and Mitt Romney represents old white.

I’ve sensed for a long time that this demographic change is sweeping over  Arizona, and recently wrote a piece in The Atlantic  detailing how Arizona is turning purple at the local level and up through the Carmona-Flake senate race.

But a brand new Rocky Mountain Poll indicates Arizona’s voters clearly reflect the demographic changes in their presidential selection. Obama and Romney are neck-and-neck, the poll says, and Obama leads among likely voters by two points.  And here’s the old-grey-young-brown indicator: Obama overwhelmingly leads among Hispanics and young people, while Romney leads among old people and Caucasians.

Among likely voters, Rich Carmona leads Jeff Flake in the senate race.