Click to play video Terry Greene Sterling on the people in her book 'Illegal: Life and Death in Arizona's Immigration War Zone'

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Thanks, South Central, for celebrating diversity, for uniting us instead of dividing us.
Up now on The Daily Beast, a travel story about my trip north of the Arctic Circle this January, to see things before they change.  
Mar 23 Arizona Immigration-Law Backer Woos Mexico
Many American Hispanics and Mexicans in Mexico see Arizona as a racist state, thanks to SB 1070.
Mar 18 Pew: Crossing border illegally more than once drives uptick in federal immigration crime
In 1992, 12 percent of sentenced federal offenders were unauthorized immigrants, the Pew Center reports today. Ten years later, 48 percent of sentenced federal offenders were unauthorized immigrants. The reason for the uptick: ┬ámore unauthorized immigrants who were caught crossing the border more than once have been sentenced to hard time – two years on […]
Dec 06 Luis Gutierrez, Immigration Reform and the Demographic Tsunami
Rep. Luis Gutierrez on 2014 immigration reform: “It will not be perfect, and it may not even be pretty.”
Nov 22 Shattered Dreams: Jan Brewer’s Arizona fails to investigate 6000 cases of child abuse
I’m not saying Juana could have prevented the massive CPS negligence, but with her education, heart and work ethic, she would have improved the culture at CPS, and would have helped the fragile, abused children who crossed her path.
Phone App proposed Immigrants and Anyone Who Looks Like an Immigrant
Phone App proposed Immigrants and Anyone Who Looks Like an Immigrant

Phoenix activists Lydia Guzman and Todd Landfried hope to design a phone app for immigrants ensnared by the rash of recent immigration laws that have swept the nation. The app would alert family, lawyers and social media outlets of the stop, detention or arrest. I wrote about the SOS phone app for immigrants and, as Landried told me, anyone who looks like an immigrant. You may recognize Guzman’s name — she’s a longtime activist who designed a phone texting system that responded to Sheriff Joe’s raids, back in the day before he had his wings clipped by DHS and DOJ. Landfried works for Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, and travels across the country speaking about the economic pitfalls of harsh immigration laws.